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The Cascade Civil War Society started out in 1993 under the guidance of a few dedicated people. They quickly established themselves as a group with historical integrity and fun in mind, and quickly grew. 


Today, we continue their original intent with events for both the public as well as schools as we bring the American Civil War back to life!

The Cascade Civil War Society (CCWS) is a non-profit educational and living history organization located in Southern Oregon. We are a family friendly group that is dedicated to the preservation of the history of the American Civil War and its impact on frontier expansion. Members conduct living history demonstrations, school programs, and battle reenactments of the American Civil War.



Listen to what some of our reenactors have to say:


I have often been asked what it is like to be a re-enactor. My answer is always the same.

Hearing the sounds of a camp coming to life in the morning, the camp conversations, music, laughter of children playing, and the noise of the guns. Seeing how life was: the accommodations, the clothes, the cooking facilities used in the past. Smelling the gun powder, campfires, coffee and bacon cooking in the mist of an early morning. Feeling the  excitement in the air, and the concussion of the guns, both small and large.

You can read about history and that is good, you can watch a movie about history and that is fun, or you can live it and that is great. The sounds, sights, smells, and feelings are no longer just one dimension, they become three dimensional. Join us for the chance to be  a part of living history.   

       -Lt. Peter Infelise


As a reenacter, I find it easier to be in the moment by having a persona. Reenacting is living history and we are all actors but instead of a stage we perform on a field of green or in a strand of trees. We try to recreate for a brief moment what it was like to live in 1861-1865. My persona has changed over the3 years since I first started in CCWS. Yet I have tried to be as accurate as I can be as a female of the time. I try to dress the part, speak the part and in essence become the persona I have created.

         -Mz Pam

If you aren't familiar with what a reenactor does or the difference between a battle reenactment and living history, then take a look at this article by Peter Morrell, and visit the links at the end of the article, with thanks to Noah for suggesting it:

A Guide to Historical Reenactment




Being a non-profit 501C3 organization, funding for our many events, schooling programs, and equipage can be tough, but with your help, our local organization can thrive! Civically-minded individuals can make a one-time donation, or become a monthly sponsor of the CCWS, and have the option of being featured as a listed sponsor in any of our event booklets! 

Donations and sponsorships go towards supporting a multitude of club upkeep, including powder reimbursements to visiting reenactors, gas reimbursement for those hauling club equipment and cannon, and event costs such as rentable bathroom equipment, park fees, and more, all benefiting the local community! 

Finally, if you wish your donations to go to a specific event or particular area of our club, or if you would prefer to send your donation by check, you can send your donation with your instructions to:


P.O. Box 1596

Klamath Falls, OR 97601


Or donate online by clicking the button below, and have full control of how much you would prefer to donate by clicking the "Donation per item" arrow keys!


Donation Anchor


For those that often find themselves shopping with Amazon, you have another chance to help support our local organization!

All you need to do is go to, and then login with your Amazon information.

From there, you can change the organization you support by clicking the box just below the search bar, and then type in the search option to find our organization, and with that you are done! Just by shopping normally with Smile-qualifying products, and without any additional cost, a percentage of each purchase will go to our organization, and you can benefit from knowing you have impacted our community, just by doing what you do normally! 

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