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Welcome to the wide world of the Civilian Corps!

Here you will find the world in which the Victorian Era reigns supreme. Ladies swish around in their magnificent hoop-skirted dresses as men, elegant and upright in styles straight from Prince Albert, escort their maidens. 

For all that are interested in joining the Civilian Corps, you can be assured that we feature a family friendly atmosphere that welcomes all ages and impressions!

As a civilian, you have all manner of impressions available if you do not already have one in mind when you join us. For instance, one could

be the mother, sister, or wife of one of the soldiers. Another common sight within a camp were the washerwomen or laundress that were allowed to accompany each regiment, usually also being related to one of the soldiers.

However, being a camp follower is not the only manner of employment, for one could also represent a writer, a public speaker, or perhaps a news correspondent for one of the many newspapers available at the time. A nurse or hospital matron, or even a spy or smuggler are certainly also within the pervue of those in our Civilian Corps, and all of the above become valuable contributions to our events and to the education of the public. 


A picture of our lovely ladies showcasing various styles of Victorian day finery. 

An example of our fine blacksmith and his travelling workplace.

But the gender aisle has some grey areas, as there are many professions which are applicable to both. 

Both men and women can be part of relief societies like the US Sanitary Commission, or the US Christian Commission, or perhaps an itenerant preacher, minister, or representative of the Quakers and other pacifists. Perhaps you could be an anti-war activist or agitator. Perhaps a democrat or copperhead, Radical Republican or Southern sympathizer, or perhaps an abolitionist or temperance advocate. Whatever the case might be, you can find it in the CCWS Civilian Corps!

However, any men which wish to take part in a civilian impression are also equally as welcome to join us! Some suggested impressions can range across a variety of fields and professions, such as a telegraph operator for the prestigious Western Union, a blacksmith, carpenter, barber, photographer, town drunk, or actor. 

Or perhaps you wish to delve into the world of politics as a congressman, mayor, judge, local councilman, lawyer, or other windbag of similar degree!

Whatever you decide, you can be sure that an important place will be filled by your attendance. 


Between battles, it is the Civilian Corps that takes up the banner, helping to educate and entertain! 

Look in the ads to the left to get ahold of our club and find out more!

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