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If you aren't familiar with what reenacting is, please visit the following link to an excellent article by Peter Morrell that goes over the various types of events and types of reenacting one can engage in, with much thanks to Noah and family for suggesting it's use. Other useful links are also provided at the bottom of the article:


American Civil War Association

The American Civil War Association of Northern and Central California recreates the most trying period in our nation’s history.



Battle Born Civil War Reenactors

A private, fully recognized 501-(c)(3) non-profit, educational organization in Northern Nevada and North Eastern California.



Northwest Civil War Council

The Northwest Civil War Council is a non-profit organization made up of people who share a strong interest in the American Civil War.


Re-Enactors of the American Civil War

The R.A.C.W. is a non-profit, living history organization based in Northern California. The CCWS and RACW often take part in each other's events.



Southern Oregon Historical Society

The SOHS has preserved the history of the Rogue Valley since 1946, operating at several sites throughout the area, notably including the historic Hanley Farms.


Other Organizations

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